Marriage Lessons in 10 cringey rhymes

“Couples who pray together stay together”, so they say.

Here’s 10 other things I’ve learned from three years of marriage, in the trusty marriage-advice format of a pithy rhyming statement:

  1. Couples who sing together cling together.
  2. Couples who weep together keep together.
  3. Couples who dance together have a chance together.
  4. Couples who chuckle together don’t buckle together.
  5. Couples who apologise together will syncronise together. Sick rhymes.
  6. Couples who tut together hit a rut together.
  7. Couples who ask for help together don’t yelp together.
  8. Couples who dine together will do fine together.
  9. Couples who get it wrong together can still go long together.
  10. Couples who chill watching Amazon Prime together also benefit.

Brilliant post by Cat Caird, a staff worker in the South West, on her first year of marriage. Wonderful description of how marriage is not the fairy tale, and yet it is a wonderful gift to be enjoyed. Full post here.

You learn quickly that marriage is that of the mundane, where there is washing up, going food shopping, cleaning the house and working out finance…It’s not all adventures and romantic dinners because at some point the ironing needs to be done! That’s life. And its nice to share it with someone and that someone being my husband!