Why joyfully discontent?

Hi. My name is Rich. I am a Christian, I live in Birmingham and am married to Ruth. I am currently encouraging students in Birmingham, Aston and Wolverhampton to live and speak for Jesus, with UCCF:thechristianunions.

“What a strange title for a blog”. Indeed. Let me explain.

The title came from a sermon by Neil Powell on the Forum Midlands training weekend 2012; three days of heart-warming teaching and training  for student leaders of Christian Unions in the Midlands.

Neil said that the Christian experience can be summed up in two words; joyful discontent.

He continued, sharing that those who are true Christians will experience whole-hearted joy at knowing this God of love, yet those who are true Christians will also experience tangible and godly discontent; at their sin, at suffering, at the fallen world around them.

The true Christian life, it seems, is characterised by great, God-given satisfaction in the present, yet until our Lord Jesus comes to bring in his New Creation, where there will be no more death, crying or pain,  that same Christian life will be characterised by great, God-given yearning for the future, by a hope for more, for His coming and that day when we will see Him face to face.

So here’s to joy and this sort of discontent. And may this blog help grow both in you.


2 thoughts on “Why joyfully discontent?

  1. Hi Sophie.
    Hope you’re well! Great that you served in the CU in this way, exciting.
    What are you up to now?

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