Three reflections from THINK

This week I had the privilege of joining 70 men and women at the THINK conference, a three-day event put on by Think Theology exploring 1 Corinthians.

Before going, I wasn’t sure how I’d find it. Three days of thinking thoughtfully with thoughtful thinkers about thinking thoughtfully doesn’t instantly sound very ‘me’. But once there and since leaving, three reflections have continued to bounce around my head that led to me learning lots and loving it.

1) The theological robustness of these leaders

This was three days of thinking, discussing, pushing, clarifying and challenging at, depending on your analogy, a deep / high level. That initially intimidated me. And then with some thought, encouraged me. Not all, but a high percentage of those attending were from Newfrontiers, and it made me glad and thankful to see once again that over decades and in the present day, this movement has been and is being shaped by people who are giving themselves to grappling with scripture, wrestling with the tensions, implications, applications and emphases, pouring themselves into the word of God and pouring themselves out trying to apply it and teach their churches. Encouraged. Thankful.

2) The theological humility of these leaders

In a room where most people shared similar convictions on, for want of a better phrase, “disputable matters”, it would have been no surprise if there had been a swagger and a strut to the whole affair. I would have joined in as the foremost strutter. Go us.

But no. The “we’re nailing it, God is lucky to have us” idea was nowhere (except for being giggled at for it’s arrogance and grieved over for it’s ugliness). In contrast, the “we really need to think about this, and may have got this wrong before” idea came through a number of times. Other theological streams were spoken well of. Opposing views were given a deliberately strong explanation in order to avoid straw-manning. Discussion was humble and eagre to learn. The tone was generous, applications to other people/opinions were swerved and applications to us were dwellt upon and prioritised. Alongside the robustness, I was seriously impressed with the humility.

3) How much young Christians gain from hanging out with older Christians!

My final reflection was simply what a good idea it was to go along! In the room were many hundreds of years of experience in Christian leadership. Roads have been walked down, problems encountered and thought-processes thought through that I hadn’t even thought of. But what a privilege to lap it up for three days. I only ended up in the room because an older Christian invited me. I sat with older men who, while valuing my contributions, were deliberate in including me and teaching me. Nothing complex, but such a helpful environment, for which I’m grateful.

So, y’know, you should totes go next year.


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