Marriage Lessons in 10 cringey rhymes

“Couples who pray together stay together”, so they say.

Here’s 10 other things I’ve learned from three years of marriage, in the trusty marriage-advice format of a pithy rhyming statement:

  1. Couples who sing together cling together.
  2. Couples who weep together keep together.
  3. Couples who dance together have a chance together.
  4. Couples who chuckle together don’t buckle together.
  5. Couples who apologise together will syncronise together. Sick rhymes.
  6. Couples who tut together hit a rut together.
  7. Couples who ask for help together don’t yelp together.
  8. Couples who dine together will do fine together.
  9. Couples who get it wrong together can still go long together.
  10. Couples who chill watching Amazon Prime together also benefit.

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