This time six years ago…

Excitement. Joy. Pride. Terror. Fear.

I remember it well. That moment, those feelings. Two lovely committee members had invited themselves round to a few of us Freshers’ flats for dinner that week. This didn’t scare me – they were great! It’s what they said after dinner that got me so churned up:

“We’d love you to help lead in the Christian Union for the next year!”

Gulp. Then came the tangible excitement, the genuine joy, the sinful pride, the sudden terror, the bubbling fear. And that was before pudding was over!

It’s an immense privilege to be involved in a Christian Union and for the following year I helped three others lead our little CU to do what we could to get the gospel out in Eastbourne. (My highlights were the Prezzo Meal where we paid for our mates’ meals, they heard a gospel talk and then each CUer did a ‘matchstick testimony’, or the footy tournament where everyone gathered in at half-time to hear my testimony, including the now very cringey statement “It’s not for everyone, but I’ve found it a great help to me!” – ooooooops).

But as well as being a privilege, it’s a responsibility. For this reason I was extremely glad to be invited to this thing called “Forum South East”, a training weekend put on by these weirdos called “staff workers” and this charity called “UCCF” (!).


There, this nervous fresher had teaching from Colossians on how Jesus is all we need. He had training on planning events. How to lead. How to help our little group be bolder and more strategic and loving. He met other Christians doing the same thing in other CUs. He also played a lot of football! And I think there was a quiz. I love quizzes.

Every year, weekends like this are put on across the UK to help students like me back then, perhaps like you right now, to make the most of their year in CU.

If you’re around in CU next year – involved in a team, a committee, or you simply know you’re around and want to get stuck in – then what a privilege!! And what a responsibility…

So however you’re feeling about it, why not meet with others? Why not have your eyes lifted? Why not be trained, and encouraged, and helped? Why not get yourself along to your Forum Regional event?!

Midlanders, there’s still time to book for Forum Midlands. And others elsewhere, you can book in here!

As someone who was nudged to get along to just such a weekend, I can say I’m very glad indeed I booked in đŸ˜‰

See you there!


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