Snapshots of the past few weeks

Here’s a few snapshots of the term, mostly for the benefit of the wonderful, faithful people all around the country who support me in prayer, encouragement and financially. These guys give, pray, support the work that the CUs are doing, but rarely get to see what it looks like “on the ground”. I hope these brief glimpses encourage you and help you to know that the Lord is at work.

A University of Birmingham CU evening event during Focus Week – they catered for 100, but 130 turned up to hear the gospel. Throughout the week, we understand that 17 people became Christians. 70 or so asked to find out more, some of whom are on an Alpha course now.

The Tea Tent: at the very centre of campus, where every single student can see it, the marquee where Adrian Holloway spoke at lunchtimes. Some lovely Aston students came and helped on a couple of days, ahead of their own Mission Week which is coming up this month.

Big questions: Students flyered and advertised with signs like this, ushering folks in to hear a talk on the big question of the day.

See for yourself: Hundreds of Uncover Gospels were given out, giving students the chance to “see for themselves” in Luke’s gospel.

Joey and the Jammers: Three musicians entertain 60 students, around 35 of whom were non-believers, at Wolves CU’s “Why Jesus isn’t for the religious” Acoustic Night. A superb evening in the Student Union Bar. The SU Activities officer called this: “By far the best event a society has run this whole academic year”.

Jesus isn’t for the religious: I spoke from Luke 7 about how Jesus is for anyone who will come to him for forgiveness. Having a fairly long gospel talk at an event was a scary thing for us at Wolves, but the guys were bold in deciding to go for it, and it seemed to work. A friend of a CU leader said on the feedback form that they wanted to hear more. This is something we could see more regularly, which would be wonderful!


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