2-minute interview – Rich Bowpitt from Birmingham Uni

This Saturday, students from right across the Midlands are gathering for the first ever Midlands Transformission – a day of worship, of cherishing Jesus and of being equipped to share him with our friends!

U.S evangelist and lovely lady Becky Manley-Pippert is coming all the way to Nottingham to train us and inspire us. It’s completely free. It seems a no brainer…

But, I know what you’re thinking. Term is busy, money is short, the last thing I need is another Christian “thing”. So, perhaps you’re still making your mind up about whether to come. That’s okay!

If that’s you, then some different CU members from across the Midlands have offered to share their 2-minute thoughts on some of the themes of the conference and why they are going, and why they want you to join us! The other day, we heard from Rachael from Wolverhampton Uni. Today we hear from the tech-tastic Rich Bowpitt from Birmingham Uni. Thanks both for your words.

Rich Bowpitt! What’s the hardest thing about sharing Jesus with your friends?
“I would probably say that it’s when there’s a conversation which really relates to something I believe strongly in as a Christian, bringing Jesus in without sounding threatening or “preachy”, and being able to talk openly and honestly about Jesus.”

And what’s the most exciting thing?!
“Seeing people come to know Him themselves; absolutely the best thing ever!”

Now, you’ve heard Becky Pippert speak before, yes? What can people expect?
“Becky is an absolutely top notch speaker, and a genuinely lovely person to boot. I’m a big fan because she’s so practical on ways to live a lifestyle that can lead others to knowing Jesus, but does it in a thoroughly engaging and inspiring way.”

And finally, what would you say to folks in CUs who are a bit unsure about going on Saturday?!
“I sometimes find with training to do with “Mission” or “Evangelism” that I get scared off by the title; imagining that I’m going to be told that the only way to share my faith is by getting up on a box and shouting at people in the street. Really, I’m not too keen on that, and luckily, it’s not what this is about at all – this is about getting equipped and encouraged to share our faith meaningfully with those we care about.”

So encouraging to hear, isn’t it, when people have similar fears to us? Nobody wants to sound preachy with their mates, but we long for them to come and know Jesus. Can you relate? Then why not come along…

Birmingham Uni CU? Click here!

Wolverhampton Uni CU? Click here!

Aston,Newman, Worcester, BCU – click here! (And speak to Gabriella, Kristi or Gareth!)


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