2 minute interview on Transformission – Rachael from Wolverhampton

This Saturday, students from right across the Midlands are gathering for the first ever Midlands Transformission – a day of worship, of cherishing Jesus and of being equipped to share him with our friends! See here!

American speaker and general legend Becky Manley-Pippert is coming all the way to Nottingham JUST FOR US (!!), so it’s all very exciting! It’s completely free, and I’m going to go. What about you?

To whet your appetite, this week, four different CU members from across the Midlands are sharing their quick reflections on some of the themes of the conference! Today we kick things off with Rachael from Wolverhampton Uni. Can you relate to her answers? How would you answer the same questions? Why not come along on Saturday and join in the fun?!

Rachael, what’s the hardest thing about sharing Jesus with your friends?

“The hardest thing about sharing Jesus with my friends is that fact that they might judge me for what I say, or that our friendship might be ruined if I said anything that they didn’t agree with.

And what’s the most exciting thing about it?!

“The most exciting thing has to be that one day I might be able to spend eternity with them in heaven!!”

Amen! You’ve heard Becky speak before, right? What was she like?

“Becky is amazing, I love her accent!! She is a genuinely nice person. I’ve heard her speak many times and I’ve amazingly been able to concentrate through her whole talk!! I also love the stories and examples she uses in the talks.”

So finally, what would you say to anyone who is deciding whether to come to Transformission on Saturday?

“Why not come! It will be a day of banter, from the train journey there (to probably getting lost in Notthingham!), and then learning about how to reach out to our friends with the amazing grace that God showed us by sending his son to die and rise again for us!”

So there you have it.

Like me, Rachael finds it tough to share Jesus, and fears the shunning of her pals. But like me, she longs for her pals to spend eternity with Jesus! And like me, she’s heading to Nottingham this Saturday to learn more about how we can do this on campus.

See you there!

– UBCU contact: Leah

– Aston contact: Gabriella

– Wolverhampton contact: Rachael

– BCU contact: Gareth

– Newman contact: Kristi

– Worcester contact: Kristi


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