Books for those “heading home for the holidays”

This is primarily just to point those who were at UBCU’s Summer Training seminar this morning to three books I mentioned and used heavily thinking about how to witness to non-Christian family. If that’s not you, then I really recommend them for the summer anyway! In terms of growing to love God, live life and reach our friends and family, these have been key for me.

The Good God – Mike Reeves

In the seminar, we looked at how it is our heart that determines how we will speak of Jesus over the holidays (Luke 6:45). Thus, the key is to have a heart that loves him. But we can’t just choose to love him, that’s not how our affections work. Take a good film, for example, we don’t decide that it’s going to be our favourite, it simply becomes our favourite. We see it, and we love it. We simply look, and we find that we do love!

This book is one place that God shines brightly, warmly. Mike looks deeply at who God is and why he is “good”. If we look at this good God, we will be drawn to love him. Please, please don’t read this book ’cause I told you. Read it ’cause you want to be warmed by the sunshine of the Gospel.

Maximum Life – Julian Hardyman

We also saw today how far from packinging a heaven v hell message into every conversation, we can be liberated by realising the scope of the gospel. The breadth of it. Isn’t it frustrating that our family and friends aren’t interested in Alpha courses and weak squash? If only they were interested in the things Jesus is interested in…

Well, we saw that through the “good” and “very good”-ness of the good God’s creation, everything in life bares the DNA of it’s creator, the one that breathed it out. This includes skiing, snooker, samba, music, maths, Mario Kart, the vast wide sweep of all of life comes from God and thus is GOOD!

Thus, there’s really no excuse for being a boring, hobby-less Christian. This book stirs our excitement, breaks our narrow view of “godliness” and opens the door to a godly life filled with much more than our “Christian” things, because it shows all things to be fundamentally Christian!

Do your friends think you’re dull? Do your family hint that they think you lock yourself away and don’t “have fun anymore”? Well this summer, this could be a book to help you greatly, as it is helping me. Plus, knowing that everything comes from Jesus, our evangelism becomes a broader, much more engaging thing as we realise that therefore everything points to Jesus!

Bringing the Gospel Home – Randy Newman

This is a great book for those specifically in non-Christian families. It’s a really helpful sweep of some of the ideas in the seminar and much, much more. Very practical. Really, really encouraging for those of us who struggle with this! Very helpful.


2 thoughts on “Books for those “heading home for the holidays”

    • Hi Byrony, hope you’re really well. I tell you what – if you can take a copy with some notes in, you can have mine as I made some notes and stuff! What’s your address?

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