Reasons I loved Forum as a student #4

I’m blogging through reasons I loved Forum as a student when I went for the first time in 2009.

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Reason #4 – It made my year easier!

Now how’s that for a selfish reason? Don’t tell my staff worker…

But as odd as it sounds, I think this could be the key reason that I loved Forum (and grew to be thankful for it and love it more and more as my year on exec went on!!!).

For strangely enough…

…shock horror…

…take a deep breath…

…wait for it…

…after one term of leading a CU, I didn’t know everything!

There, I’ve said it! I didn’t know everything there was to know about Christian Unions and reaching my campus! Surprise surprise! I’d run a CU for all of eight weeks and I didn’t know everything!

But I loved Forum 2009 because I left knowing a little bit more than I did when I arrived! I needed help with this task, and Forum helped me! Forum made my year easier!

Not easy.

But easier!

Hall group leader who lacks confidence? That’s okay. Why not come to Forum? It helps!

A president who secretly feels overwhelmed? That’s okay too. Why not come to Forum? It helps!

A president who wants the CU to thrive but whose exec isn’t coming yet? Whose hall group leaders aren’t coming yet? That’s okay, it’s hard motivating people. Why not give it another go? Bring them to Forum! It helps!

For me, who didn’t know everything, did Forum solve all my problems? Nope! Was the year problem free upon leaving the Quinta? Nope! Did Forum make leading my CU easy? Nope!

Did it make it easier? Yes.

Guys, you’ve never done this before! You don’t know everything!! And you’re not meant to!!

Do yourself a favour! Come and be helped! Book here.


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