Reasons I loved Forum as a student #3

I’m blogging through reasons I loved Forum when I went as a student in 2009.

Hall Group leader? Exec member? Want to spur the CU on to reach the campus? Then book here!

Reason #3 – It replenished me after a tough first term of leadership!

Imagine this: A young Christian, fairly confident, who has shown some ‘promise’ and thus has been encouraged by loads of kind and godly people. Imagine them getting stuck into CU, enjoying the atmosphere, the friendships, the teaching, the evangelistic opportunities. Imagine them later on getting the text, the facebook message, the call about going on to CU exec. Imagine them feeling pretty good about it. Imagine them starting on exec. Imagine them loving it…

Imagine that same Christian sitting their exams that May. Imagine them being busy. Imagine them getting tired. Imagine them heading off for summer.  Imagine them kind of forgetting about CU. Imagine them getting those facebook thread messages through the summer about CU stuff. Imagine them skimming through them, not bothering to reply. Imagine them worrying about CU stuff, so much that they don’t want to even think about it…

Then imagine them turning up in September, suddenly with a Freshers Week to coordinate. Imagine them having a campus to reach, a CU to motivate, an exec to work with. Imagine them pretty much being weary and worn before the new year has begun.

This was me.

This might well also be you.

Arriving at the Quinta, leading the CU for two more terms seemed daunting, scary, quite exciting in some ways but mostly just fairly draining.

I just couldn’t be bothered.

Forum 2009 lifted my eyes off me. OFF ME. And lifted them up to Jesus, King Jesus, who sure as heck doesn’t need some dimwit from the countryside to reach the campus. Forum 2009 led me to intimately meet with God in such a way that His Spirit empowered and inspired me to keep going. Forum 2009 trained me in how to love international students well, how to run a good Mission Week, how to play sport to the glory of God, how to engage with my housemates. It showed me it’s okay to find it hard. It inspired me to keep going anyway.

Forum 2009 sung to me, spoke to me, screamed to me: “CU leading is hard, it’s tiring and it’s tricky but it is not about you, God is with you, so keep going!”

Boy did I need to hear it. Maybe you’re a hall group leader and after loving the responsibility early on, you’ve fizzled out, your group don’t speak, and neither you nor your members know why you meet together. Maybe you’re an exec member who has realised that in the midst of a degree, being involved in CU in this way is quite hard. Maybe you’ve lost the excitement you had a term ago?

Come to Forum.

Because Forum is amazing and it solves all the world’s problems? No.

Because Jesus is great and kind and looking at him and hearing him speak washes away fear and causes faith to rise?



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