Reasons I loved Forum as a student #2

I’m blogging through some reasons I loved Forum when I went as a CU exec member in 2009. Book here.


Reason # 2 – It was put on for ME!!

Was Forum just another thing UCCF wanted me to go to, so that they could feel like they were doing their job properly?

Was Forum some lecture series that was put on to get me to think a certain way so that I’d be less trouble for my staff worker?

Was Forum aimed at the big CUs, with the big-name CU leaders and the big stories of 100s being saved at big Mission Weeks?

So I thought.

But from the minute I arrived to the minute I left, I had the sense that Forum was specifically shaped and designed for me! Now, I’m aware that wasn’t the case, with 999 other people on site, but I really felt as if I had been catered for so well (not just food-wise!).

Being on the exec of quite a small CU, I wasn’t sure if the all-singing, all-dancing conference “feel” would have anything for me. It is, after all, quite easy to make big ambitious plans surrounded by other CU leaders, but rather more tricky when you get back to a small campus where noone seems interested in the gospel. Wouldn’t Forum just miss me completely, with big words, lots of jargon, a load of hype and no help in putting it into practice?


Because Forum is aimed specifically at CU leaders, not just general “Christians”, the conference team work really hard at putting on seminars that cater specifically for YOU! From Small Group Leaders tracks, to international student tracks, to seminars on how loving music and food are a part of loving God (hallelujah!), there was something for everyone. Crucially, there was time for me to ask questions. There was room for me to think through how this affects how we did CU on campus. The main meetings spoke to my fears, showed up my sin, my pride, my selfishness, by lifting my eyes to Jesus, the one who died for me and my campus.

In fact, the whole conference is run FOR YOU. Far from being another thing UCCF asked me to go to (which is how I saw it!!!), I realised that people had spent hundreds of thousands of pounds putting on a conference FOR ME! To help ME!

Worried there’s no point going? Feel guilty because you haven’t booked yet? Feel burdened when your Relay or Staff Worker won’t shut up about it?! Try and forgive them, I’m sure they don’t mean to nag! They simply know how much you will be helped and served by coming to Forum, and how much this might affect and inspire and equip you to be a catalyst on campus, to see many, many people come to know Jesus! Please never see it as a burden or a box you need to tick!

I’m glad I went because upon going I realised just why my staff worker Ben Martin had wanted me to go so much. It’s because it was for my good! Why not come and see?

Come and be equipped. Spaces are filling up.


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