Reasons I loved Forum as a student #1

With Forum 2012, UCCF’s national student leader conference coming up, and with places running out fast, I was reminded of my first trip to Forum, back in 2009, and all the things I found great (and some things I found hard too!). Going to be blogging them for a few weeks!

If you aren’t sure what Forum is, imagine Soul Survivor / New Word Alive but soley for CU leaders… with everything over five days aimed at training YOU for your year serving your CU or small group!


Reason #1 – The Welcome!

When I went to Forum in September 2009, I was dragged by my persistent staff worker (!) and eventually gave in, but unfortunately nobody else from my Uni was able to come!

This meant that as I arrived, I knew noone except him…

I was in a massive field. For five days. With 1,000 people. Not ideal!

Having completely forgotten to bring any food – except for three tins of rice pudding and a loaf of bread – I was beginning to panic.

But this is what I remember most about my first trip to Forum…

God’s people showed me God’s love. And it was wonderful!

My staff worker Ben, another staff worker (Gareth, below!) and the team leader in the South East took me in, cooked for me, loved me, laughed with me, sang with me, washed up for me, put up with me asking stupid questions, and led me to enjoy a wonderful few days.

First reason I loved Forum? The Welcome!

Perhaps you feel you don’t want to come to a field of strangers who all pretend they know everything. Perhaps you have felt excluded at other festivals by your church group, leaving you with a pretty long week to put up with. Perhaps you’re nervous in big, loud, muddy situations. I was pretty nervous too.

Come. Give it a go. The welcome is wonderful!

Exec? Focus Week team? Hall group leader? C.O team?

Come! You’ll receive a wonderful welcome.

Book here.


2 thoughts on “Reasons I loved Forum as a student #1

  1. Thanks Nay! Sorry we won’t be dining together this time. You should encourage your team to love studes well before Forum, as Ben,you and Gareth really made a difference in this way over that week!

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