Which Jesus will you trust?


Jonny Mellor spoke today at churchcentral on our human responsibility in living out authentic Christian lives (having extensively covered God’s role previously), and it was uncomfortably challenging. I spoke with four others after the service who used the same phrase. What a compliment to his preaching!

His main thrust was based around the idea of which Jesus will we trust? Will we follow Jesus Christ, or will we make up a version of him that is more comfortable?

Will we take the Jesus of the Bible at his word and live in light of that? Or will we believe the Jesus of our experience, rationalise his words away and give up after disapointments, in defeating sin, in prayer, in using our gifts, in evangelism? Here are two points that I need to take heed of:

So quickly, the Jesus we believe in becomes the Jesus we have experienced so far as opposed to the Jesus of the Bible. We say things like: “Jesus wouldn’t say that. Jesus wouldn’t do that. Jesus couldn’t have really meant that when he said it, he must have meant this.”

Our experience is important, but not the ultimate authority. His Word is the ultimate authority. This means that we must trust what he says about himself even more than we trust what we’ve already seen him do.”

When Jesus says something, it is to be believed. He is to be trusted.

What does this mean for that sin that seems to have beaten you?

What does this mean for that friend you’ve been praying for who seems to have fallen away?

What does this mean for your conversations with your housemate who doesn’t know Jesus yet?

Take him at his word. Trust him. Step out. See what happens…



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